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Land of Returns

A pragmatic Irish prostitute hunts down her rapist in the Australian wilderness…

1893. The Australian Goldfields. A pragmatic Irish prostitute hunts down her rapist in the wilderness. And yet – when given the opportunity to exact her revenge – she discovers she must choose to free herself from violence or else be consumed by it.

Released: December 2010
Running time: 09:21
Format: Short Period Western, HD 16:9
Featuring: Emma Williamson, Olaf Savage
Writer/Director: Chas Fisher
Producer: Lee Matthews
Cinematographer: Shyam Ediriweera
Production Designer: Marney McKenna
Composer: Tristan Courtney
Sound Designer: Leon East
Editor: Chas Fisher


  • LAND OF RETURNS is a Western revenge story about the journey from trauma to redemption.

    1893. The Australian Goldfields. A pragmatic Irish prostitute named Ruth has hopes for her future… but is brutally raped and almost killed. Once recovered, her mental scars and disfigured body serve as a daily reminder and focus all her energy into one thing: revenge.

    In her quest for vengeance, Ruth tracks her assailant through the hardened and unforgiving Australian bush – forced to learn how to live off the land. When she finally catches him, she realises that revenge is not enough: he must acknowledge the damage he has done.

    Finally, her opportunity comes. As her rapist begs for her forgiveness, Ruth realises that her journey has left her empowered, independent and free. Exacting her revenge means to continue defining her life by what a man has done to her and not living it for herself.

    Ruth’s journey explores the conflict between the masculine and feminine, between nature and civilization and what it can take to recover from brutal violence. Ruth achieves redemption by relinquishing the violence that moulded her.

  • Cast

    Ruth – Emma Williamson

    Morgan – Olaf Savage



    Writer / Director – Chas Fisher

    Producer – Lee Matthews

    Director of Photography – Shyam Ediriweera

    1st Assistant Camera – Katherine Schachte

    2nd Assistant Camera – Marcus Allemann

    Gaffer – Thom Holt

    Key Grip – Shaun Crawford

    Production Designer – Marney McKenna

    Standby Props – Michael Raoss

    Costume Designer – Isabella Stadler

    Make-up & SFX Artist – Lee Norris

    Sound Designer & Mixer – Leon East

    Boom Operator – Jason Albury

    Production Manager – Lee Matthews

    1st Assistant Director – Neil Triffett

    Script Supervisor – Ilya Kerig

    Unit Manager – Ana Fisher

    Armourer / Safety Officer – Mike Warwick

    Editor – Chas Fisher

    Composer – Tristan Courtney


    VCA Staff

    Supervising Producer – David Price

    Script Consultant – Sandra Sciberras

    Technical Support – Gordon Lyon

    Sound Designer – Peter Frost

    Consultant Editor – Cindy Clarkson

    Online Editor & Colourist – Declan Loughran


    Special Thanks

    Alex Sapurmas Pin & Frances from Tixana

    Steve & Licenia Flew Scott & Amanda Gramlick from Star Glen Lodge

    Chris Leaman from Tavistock House

    Craig Jones & The Stirling Experience

    Gillian Dobson from Mt Stirling Resort Management

    Dean & Gillian Belle from The Regional Produce Store

    Tracey Claire

    Dominica Vavala

    Stu Willis

    Sally Gawley

    Steve Goldsworthy

    Michelle Venutti

    Benjamyn Wolfgramm

    Lisa Kappell

    Ryan van Dijk

    Adelle Drover

    Tom Savige

    Ana Fisher

    Tony Wood