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The Gay Agenda

Fed up with social conservatives’ construction of a Gay Agenda destroying the the very fabric of society, Kris Darmody and Brenton Geyer respond to the ridiculousness of that construct by their own photographic exhibition.

Writer/Director: Anna McGrath
Producer: Lee Matthews
Cinematographer & Editor: Stuart Mannion
Additional Camera Operator: Matteo Romano Bernardini


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  • Selected:

    Palm Springs International ShortFest, 2014

    Melbourne Queer Film Festival, 2014

    Scottish Queer International Film Festival, 2014

    LowCountry Shorts Festival USA, 2014

    Cleveland International Film Festival, 2015

    Newport Beach Film Festival, 2015

    Fandor USA, 2015

  • Writer/Director – Anna McGrath

    Producer – Lee Matthews

    Cinematographer & Editor – Stuart Mannion

    Additional Camera Operator – Matteo Romano Bernardini

    Music – Decay, Chee Zee Beach & Porch Swing Days; all by Kevin MacLeod (

    With thanks to – Nick McGrath and Emma Griffin of OnStone Gallery Melbourne