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The Heckler

The Heckler

Not feeling yourself lately?
A feature length body-swap comedy.

A self-obsessed comedian on the fast track to fame, has his body hijacked by the spirit of a jealous heckler and must find a way to reclaim it before the imposter ruins his love life and his career forever.

In post-production.

Director: Ben Plazzer
Writer: Steve Mitchell
Producers: Ben Plazzer, Steve Mitchell
Assoc Producer: Lee Matthews
Exec Producer: Graeme Simsion, Stephen Luby
Featuring: Simon Mallory, CJ Fortuna, Emily Taheny, Kate Jenkinson
Cinematographer: Paul Hughes


  • What if someone kicked you out of your body and you couldn’t do anything about it?

    Meet Steve, a fame-hungry, self-absorbed comedian on the verge of joining the ‘big league’. When he accidentally kills Mike, a jealous wannabe stand-up comic, he becomes convinced that the man’s ghost is haunting him. He tries meditation to calm his nerves, but an out-of-body experience allows Mike’s spirit to take over his body.

    Steve, now existing as a spirit outside of his own body, can only watch as Mike ruins his reputation by performing his own disastrous, unfunny stand-up routines. Can Steve repossess his body before Mike destroys his relationships, his finances and his one shot at fame – the ‘Ultimate Funniest Comedian’ contest?

    ‘The Heckler’ is a high-concept feature film set in the world of comedy clubs and populated by unique yet strangely familiar characters. It explores our hunger for fame and the empty pursuit of celebrity and asks the questions: how can we be happy if we’re always living for tomorrow? And are crazy people really just talking to themselves? This is ‘Being John Malkovich’ meets ‘Ghost Town’ meets ‘The King of Comedy’.

  • Premiere:
    LA Comedy Film Festival, USA, Nov 2014
    Adelaide Fringe Festival, Mar 2015
    Melbourne Comedy Festival, Apr 2015.

    Contact for password protected access to an industry teaser and an electronic version of the feature film.