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You & I Brigitte

Birth and death come strangely. So does love.

Released: February 2012
Running time: 13:30
Format: Short Tangled Romance, HD 1:2.35
Featuring: Genevieve Callaghan & Matthew Cohen
Writer/Director: Jessica Barclay Lawton
Producer: Lee Matthews
Cinematographer: Edward Goldner
Production Designer: Leon Salom
Composer: Nicholas Sowersby
Sound Designer: Fabio Pertile
Editor: Jessica Barclay Lawton


  • The lines of reality and perception are beginning to blur in Brigitte’s world as she struggles to accept that the life and love she once knew is long lost. Coming to terms with the truth of her boyfriend Gabe’s death proves difficult as her minds own unwillingness to face reality holds her back
    in a limbo of delusion.

    Returning once again to the motel where her memories of their time together take form, her sheltered reality becomes a stage to keep those memories alive.

    As we see her hallucinations begin to falter, she struggles to maintain her imagination’s wild thoughts of bringing back her lost lover Gabe, and her world as she knows it quite literally comes crumbling down.

    This gritty, romantic drama explores themes of time and reality, and the harsh truths that become exposed when faced with a distorted perception of reality.

  • Official Selection: Revelation Perth Int’l Film Festival, July 2012

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  • Cast

    Brigitte – Genevieve Callaghan
    Gabe – Matthew Cohen



    Writer / Director – Jessica Barclay Lawton
    Producer – Lee Matthews

    Director of Photography – Edward Goldner
    1st Assistant Camera – Katherine Schachte, Bradley Andrew
    2nd Assistant Camera – Jonathan Haynes
    Gaffer – Richard Chapman
    Best Boys – Patrick Neff, Jack Doherty

    Production Designer – Leon Salom
    Assistants, Art Department – Rosalie Difelice, Emma Sullivan, Ashleigh Ward, Joao Oliveira, Milissa Keen, Eve Gilbert, Luc Favre, Sam Osborn, Letizia Faba, Jack Doherty, Anna O’Donnell
    Set Builder – Michael Lawton
    Set Build Assistants – Lochlan Funston, Edward Bowman, Andrew Blogg, Anthony McDonough, Milissa Keen, Joao Oliveira, Rebecca Conwell, Kara Nowak, Benjamyn Wolfgramm, Judy Barclay, Detlev Wirth

    Make-up Artists – Gemma Reynolds, Lauren Hamilton, Clare Park, Amanda Libman

    On-Set Sound Recordist & Mixer – Fabio Pertile
    Boom Operators – Chas Fisher, Tobias Willis, Lochlan Funston

    Production Manager – Lee Matthews
    1st Assistant Director – Bree-Anne Sykes
    Script Supervisor – Laura Cousens
    Production Assistants – Sam Osborn, Lisa Kappel
    Location Manager – Rosalie Difelice
    Catering – Judy Barclay
    Stills Photographers – Sarah Walker, Hannah Grey

    Editor – Jessica Barclay Lawton
    Original Composition – Nicholas Sowersby
    Sound Designer – Fabio Pertile
    Mentoring Editor – Stephen Bain
    Post Production, Online – Digital Pictures Melbourne
    Head of Online – Rachel Knowles
    Online Post Producer – Catherine Armstrong
    Colourist – Christine J Dobson
    Visual Effects by The Pixel Kitchen
    Visual Effect Producer – John Gavin
    Lead Compositor – Marty Gilchrist
    Compositor – John Gavin
    Lead 3D Artist – Alex Whillance
    Technical Director – Alex Whillance

    “Filmed at Docklands Studios Melbourne
    Melbourne, Australia”


    Special Thanks
    Andrew Skinner
    Chris Lansell
    Christy Newman
    Crispian Hayler
    David & Chris Parkinson
    Corrie Chen
    Fiona Leally
    Janet Duncan
    Leigh Johns
    Libby Porter
    Lisa Daniel
    Luke Richardson
    Neil Triffett
    Pip Newling
    Tobias Andersson
    Tony Wood
    Daniel Porto from Panavision Australia
    Fiona Caculovic from Safeway Victoria Harbour
    Bill from Carpet Court Mulgrave
    Sarah Auchettl from Holland Insurance Brokers
    Maxine Shea from The Kilmore Motel
    Rita Santucci from Santucci’s Bar
    Maureen Irvin and Mark Krause from Parks Victoria’s RJ Hamer Aboretum
    Rod Allan, Frank, Anton, Lisa, Steve and Nadia from Docklands Studios Melbourne.